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“It was not exactly love at first sight. But it turns out, it was love.”

Title – Dialogue from SATC 2

This Christmas brought with it a special gift for us.  A Puppy!!!!

He was a mere babe when he came to my doorstep. May be a day or two old. Almost mistook him for a big mouse. Surprise because there are no stray dogs in the locality we stay in, in Cochin.

We tried to get rid of him by leaving him outside the house and in a field behind my house. But due to some doggy GPS  inbuilt in him, he managed to find the way back into my backyard and eventually my heart. By now husband and I resigned to the fact that he will be a part of our household.

Husband and I kept trying to feed him with Dal, Rasam and rice, biscuits and whatnot, till we realized that he is too young a baby to eat any of these. Then began his Milk period. First  it was milk with sugar that he learnt to lick slowly and eat.

By now, both of us had promptly fallen in love with it, in spite of ourselves. That’s how this mangy cur had put us under his spell. This Shaggy, dirty pup would pull our heartstrings in a heartbeat and make us do things like I had never done in my life. Like scratch his ears and play with him thru the day and name him Shona, meaning “golden”. (His fur is sort of beige/golden. So I came up with this name all by myself. Yes…Yes…Very Clever)

It was heartwarming to see this fur ball running from nowhere the moment he hears any of us. Now he is a part of our household, still demanding time and attention from us. The only difference from the time he entered the house is that, now we are only happier, rediscovering a part of ourselves.