Etched in Stone

V is in town and I am milking it for all its worth. Enjoying my little trips with him to all our family members, immediate and extended. One of the first things we did when he came back to town was visiting my Mom-in-law. It also coincided with a felicitation ceremony that local Rotary Club had for my Sister-in-Law. She is one of the bravest women i know and more about her in a future post.

On the way back from MIL’s on Sunday, V decided to take the Chikmagalur route, instead of our usual Shimoga route to Bangalore. My Brother-in-law, our niece and us visited Belur and Halebid temple towns in Hassan district on an impulse on the way.

These temples were built in early 1100s by the then ruling  Hoysala dynasty. The main deity of Belur temple is Chennakeshava, while in Halebid is Shiva.

A salute to the sculptor of these beauties who immortalized the ordinary stones as works of art. To take pictures in these two temples are a challenge though, as you will be baffled about where to look and what to focus on. Each centimeter of temple is a masterpiece.

The broken statues and magnificent ruins stand testimony to the invasions and plundering done by foreign invaders over centuries.



Temple Corner


Intricate work

Stone Pillars inside the temple - Each pillar has a different design

Stone rings on a pillar - Each ring is a different piece thats put together to look like one single unit

Corners of the outer wall
Corners of the outer wall



Each panel has different design

Stone Flower



At the sides of the temple entrance


At the sides of the temple entrance

Pillars outside the temple

Outer walls of the temple

The Big Bull – Wasnt able to capture this in a single frame



At the sides of the temple entrance


At the sides of the temple entrance

Here are some pictures that I took from the new Casio EX- Z5550, a 14 MP compact camera. I am in love with this tiny friend of mine, as it is soo easy to carry, like a little oversized mobile phone.