Festival of Flames

I have always loved photographing objects and people. I remember pestering my mom as a kid to buy me a camera. Of course, we couldn’t afford it then. I bought a basic Kodak analogue camera as soon as I started working for about Rs. 1000 or so. But soon I realized that it is extremely expensive to load films and get them developed, so it sorta didn’t take off as well as expected although I did click loads and I still have pictures to show that.  

My second innings with photography started when I bought myself my MotoRazr V3i. I know, its not a camera. It’s just a mobile phone, with measly 2 mp, But during my girlie trip to Ooty and Kodai with my Cuz, I took some really great pics with it.  It became my life’s mission to buy a digital camera after that.  

Of course, I still couldn’t afford it.  But when we moved to our new house, I had decided to buy a new digital camera even if it killed me financially. With that new resolve, I became a proud owner of my Olympus, FE 210, 7 mp, 3X optical zoom camera. I was in love with this tiny silver gadget. I still am, darling, even though I have become a proud owner of another Casio, 14 mp, 4x optical zoom, so-compact-it-looks-like-a-mobile-phone camera.  

With my new Point and Shoot, that’s exactly what I did. Pointed and Shot. and took some great pictures. of my family, friends, stuff that liked, stuff that disgusted me, everything. Some of them looked different, some really bad, some fairly decent, even if I may say so myself. Few of my friends who saw the pics kept pushing me to enter those in competitions or exhibitions. However I was not confident enough to do anything of that kind yet.  Having said that, I decided I will rush my pictures to one of the competitions, if not for winning, at least to get the feedback on the pictures.  

Before I bought this camera, I was following the “In-Focus” photo contest held on company’s website for a long time. I would religiously go through these pictures and read the photographers’ views and dream that one day I will feature there. Not an easy task, mind you, since every month there were hundreds of photographs sent for this competition and those that won or got honorable mentions were absolutely brilliant pictures.  

To my utter amazement and delight,  I received an e-mail stating that I was the winner for April 2007. Whoa..I just couldn’t believe it. They were featuring my picture on the company website and an article on my techniques(huh?).  I also loved the name they gave the picture; “Festival of Flames”  

Picture of a torch that was used to light the oil lamps in the entire street on a November evening. The fire, dark clouds, November wind and the twilight made an enigmatic combination.Whaddya think?  

Festival of Flames

 Here is one more i took in of the same object. These pictures are not manipulated.  

Fiery Beast


I find fire very soothing and love the shapes they create.   

P.S – I am not a pyromaniac 😀  


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