Conversations with God

I am not a Christian and we don’t have the concept of Confessions in my religion. But this weekend I did have an imaginary conversation of sorts with the Lord.

Me – Father, forgive me for I have sinned.

Lord – (In a tired voice) Okay Child, What have you done This time?

Me – I broke a Vow

Lord – Your marriage Vow?

Me – Not really. A Vow to myself that i will make my life a little more organized. That i will lose 10 kg in 3 months. That I will not binge. That I will handle my finances a little more wisely.

Lord – Phew..How did you break them?

Me – Lets see..5-6 impulse shopping trips last month..My CC bill must have gone up to where you are sitting.  Being Gluttony throughout the month – I just polished off a nice big bag of cheesy nachos and My room is such a mess that i cant seem to find anything i need without searching for at least 20 minutes. Is there a penance for all these sins?

Lord – I am afraid not. Even Lord cannot forgive certain Sins 😦

Me – But I said “No” to that yummy halwa at lunch yesterday, I also dint buy that lovely white skirt that fit me like a dream(But cost a fortune too), and I helped mom cooking (Lord is disintegrating slowly, not paying heed to any of  my pleas)


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